How can I reload Painter 11?

Hi there. I bought online and dowloaded Painter 11 three years ago on my iMac. Works fine.

Now I also have a MacBook and I'd like to download Painter 11 on it, so I can keep drawing when travelling. How can I do this, knowing that I lost the e-mail with downloading instructions I received three years ago?


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  •  If you kept the original download exe. file it's just a simple matter of transferring the file to your mac book double click the file and install

    your original serial key should still work. 

     if you're lucky enough you might find a site where they have the painter 11 download ie: a free trial   from the download site download and save to your computer -don't run it -save it .  Then double click on the exe file and follow the setup instructions.use your original serial key which you'll find in your corel account or in Painter  under "about Painter " in the help menu  keep your exe. file

     If you bought your version  from corel contact corel tech support and ask them for a link  you'll probably need your serial key for proof of purchase.  Don't be shy in contacting them because on your license you are allowed to have Painter on two computers it's just you can only use it on one at a time you can't have both of them open at the same time

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    hey that's a nice shareing good info thaksssss

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    Very nice of you, I appreciate your attempt to solve my problem.

    Unfortunately all the options you suggested failed:

    - I can't find the original download.exe file - it seems it has been erased from my hard disk at some point;

    - I didn't find any website offering the free trial Painter 11 version: Painter has now moved to version 12 and it seems they removed the Painter 11 free trial from everywhere;

    - I tried to get in touch with their support service but the free support is only a FAQ database, and you need to pay (19 euros!!) if you want personal advice. The site says if you bought a Corel product you received a phone number for free support, but I never received any such number… and if you want to apply for a new one… the website fails!

    I am afraid I am bound to buy the Corel 12 update. But not right now, it's too expensive.

    Thanks again. :-((

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     Los I wouldn't give up just yet.  Go to the corel website and set up a free account if you haven't already done so you'll need to register your original version .  Instead of support  try phoning "sales" often they will put you in touch with tech support at no cost to you.

     also to locate websites where they have older versions of software can be done by asking people who work at general computer repairs these guys know the sites and will often tell you at no charge.