Painter 11 - Mac Maverick OSX version 10.9

I can no longer open Painter 11 - any help out there? Thanks

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  • Have you tried resetting to factory default.   On windows you hold down the shift key while you click on the icon to open painter

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    Thanks for your reply. I have followed your advise and also reinstalled the software but to no avail. Judging from other Painter Discussions I think the update to Mavericks is the problem.

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    If it was a corel update you might have to talk to corel support  or mac tech support  I know for myself I'm about to upgrade to x3 also I always keep an older computer around to throw on old software that isn't compatible anymore.  does Mac have a compatibility wizard like windows? It allows you to run older software ie previous versions etc.

    Also if you reinstalled you will also have to install the corel update for 11