Clone Painting Crosshairs: Just a Vote here

Please bring it BACK! It is annoying to NOT have the Clone Crosshair automatically showing as in all the previous versions. So often I paint on only the Clone Source using those cross hairs and never even looking at the canvas in the beginning. (Just a quirky thing I love to do). I know there is a way to do it with OFFSET but every time the brush is changed, we have to go through the steps again.

Very frustrating to lose also what was a highly valuable teaching tool as Seeing is Believing and when my students saw the crosshairs on the source, they totally immediately understood the process of clone painting. I now have to go through a more lengthy explanation to explain it.

How about you Bring it Back as an OPTION in General Preferences. Always see it or not. The only reason I can think of that it's gone is that someone either missed it in programming or it couldn't be done with the new cloning panel.

Please let us know what you think Corel and others please comment if you would like it back.


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  • Count me in on this request, Marilyn!


    Jim Gahl

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    Thanks Jim. Can you also post why you would like it back? Might help Corel to know how we use it.

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    Hi Guys! I received Painter 12 towards the end of May and noticed the crosshairs not working. There is a button to cut it on or off in Preferences but does not work for me. I have had several discussions with customer service (started calling June 10th) and they tell me they will get back to me but have not. I have talked to two techs and one had the same problem on her PC (I am on Mac) but had not noticed the problem before we talked. The second tech was going to talk with the first tech and get back to me in a few days.(That was 7.6.11) No word yet!!! Seems to me that a line of code is lost and if anyone runs across it please send it to them so it can be reinstalled. I plan to start calling weekly (maybe daily) until something is done and maybe if we all call enough then maybe, just maybe they will fix the problem. I have talked with John Derry, Jeremy Sutton and others and the problem is common (PC & Mac). Jeremy was working with the Beta Version and told them of the problem before the release. It may be like Painter 9 and was corrected in 9.5. Maybe they will fix the bugs in a patch or 12.5. I do like the crosshairs for detail work and is very helpful when wanting to paint a loose style also. Let's all call till it is fixed!




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    I am hoping it is just a programmer error that left out a line of code. Because that would fix it quick!

    COREL! Please comment on this if you are out there!

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    I am responding to Marilyn's request for more specific info about how I use the Painter 11 version of cloning and miss it incredibly much in Painter 12. 

    My usual flow goes something like this: I prepare my photos for paining in Photoshop, including multiple layers if I am doing a collage. This file then becomes my clone source in Painter. By selecting one layer or multiple, they appear in Painter clones as references. It is with a click that I can select a new source within the original Photoshop file. I can also modify any layer with the Transform tools on the fly. Changes appear instantly in the clone.

    Not so with Painter 12. Yes, I can use multiple layers in the clone source, but the layer I want to work with in the Clone Source Panel has to be on the top of the Photoshop stack and saved that way for it to appear as a new source image. Also, there is no way I can modify these sources on the fly. Using the Clone Source panel is labor intensive under its present set up. Also, flipping the clone copy upside does not flip the source as well,  so the cloning is in a different place after making the flip.

    Skip Allen's idea of using the offset sampling method works, as long as the original is on one layer. One can not use a multi-layered file and select the layer individually from the group as the sample.

    So what I am forced to do is to copy and paste the individual layers from the Photoshop file into the painting that I am working with as new layers. Then by lowering the opacity, I can see as if it were tracing paper...... Also labor intensive.

    What I now do, is start a painting in Painter 11 using the old cloning method. I keep working in 11 until I am at the point where my need for the clone sources drops away. I then reopen it in 12 to finish with the new brushes that are available.

    Tell me, how is this change in Painter 12 a help? Only to the developer and marketing teams!!

    You know all I want to do is apply paint. Having to use all kinds of technical manipulations and workarounds blocks my creative process.



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    I have always said that too much technology gets in the way of my creativity. If I have to THINK about it while I'm working, it's too much. 

    Just wanna paint is a good way to put it.

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