Can Painter handle 2048 levels of pressure?(solved)

Always complained of brushtracking, but it seems no one understand what i mean.  Been complaining of this since painter 12, ever since i made the upgrade from intuos 3 to new tablets,after the change, i realized something was terribly wrong. Painter had been using same brush tracking system since pens had the pressure of 512 levels of pressure. On tablets using 1024, the brusht tracking control is usable. But....


Its simple, brushtracking cant handle 2048 levels of pressure.


Check this example, i have the pen Pressure Scale of 1.00 in both samples. I just changed the pressure power. From 2.24 to 4.00 the pressure doesnt get a notizable  mayor change like old days. Old days the pressure of 4.00 was so hard that you had to break the nib to get it all black. Both strokes looks the same im using  the same hand pressure in both.





There is no bad art, just tight deadlines.

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  • This is my configuration i have to put to get a decent pressure. As you can see i have to move bars all to the right side.


    And in wacom i have to sacrifice levels of pressure, becaus epainter cant handle them anymore (sad face).

    There is no bad art, just tight deadlines.
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    and wacom setting

    There is no bad art, just tight deadlines.
  • Thanxs Sweedie for replying, it seems i couldnt explain. you can do that will all pressure settings. The issue its not tomget a tiny stroke at the beggining or a big brush at the end of the stroke. The problem is, what amount of pressure of the hand you will need to use to control it.


    If i move brushtracking to the harder levels i can get a lot of control, but i cant have a 100 percent of the stroke scratching freely with no strain. And if i do it viceversa i will get easily to darker 100 percent, but i wont control the beggining of the stroke.


    In old days i was able to get both benefits, i was able to get a controllable beggining of the stroke and an easy 100 percent of pressure.

    That means that i was able to use all the pressure of the pen in beginning and ending, like using 1024 levels for beginning and other other half for big opacity, getting rid of middle tones. Let me explain if i had a red color, my tablet will use most of the pressure units to the begging of the stroke, lets say the first 30 percent expanded all over the way on the tablet, then easily jump from 30  percent to 100 percent.


    In that way i was able to skip middle tones, middle tones or middle pressure wont work for me, because you get muddy colors, and really muted and bad colors that wont help at all at speed or to do a proper fast coloring.


    the brustracking right now, gives a lot of room to middle pressure or middle tones, no matter what brushtracking i choose, the tablet gives like 70 percent in the middle pressure. So if you want to have control on the first 30 percent its almost impossible to work fast, because you have to slow down in brush stroking speed and crossing fingers to not do a bad stroke because the pressure is super sensitive, but if i harden the wacom i wont be able to get 100 without scratching the cintiq, it demands alot of pressure, but in both cases i have tons and tons of middle pressure that wont do nothing on my picture , i dont use middle pressure.


    So to make painter to behave like old days, i have to sacrifice the last levels of the wacom pressure curve, to make the tablet softer, then in painter i have to set up all the brushtracking the harder i can get, just to make it work like old days.


    Thats why i think we got a mayor problem right here, getting rid of levels in wacom system, only probes that painter cant handle 2048 levels like he did with 1024, because the really big problem with these, its that i just cant custom personal brustracking anymore, because i will need to do astrange combination of wacom settings plus brushtracking, and wacom settings can only be saved once, not multiple.


    In old days i dint touched tqhe wacom settings at all, painter was so powerful to get me the pressure i needed, getting rid of the middle pressure.




    There is no bad art, just tight deadlines.
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    So ashamed, it seems its the wacom driver, cant believe that almost a year had passed and cintiq 22hd still gives me trouble, after updating i got myself a nice latop and tried my the intuos 5.


    I was surprised how good it worked with latest october driver, pressure felt better.


    So run out to my desk computer and started moving settings for days, and nothing- 


    So i went out and buy a  usb card to plug on pci , and connect it directly to the  mother board, and tested the cintiq, magically brushtracking works like a charm.



    Other thing i noticed that drives me nuts, on the laptop i noticed the shaky lines again with the scratchboard tool, and my fear came back, so i looked out the plug and noticed that its not a grounded plug in, it has 2 pins instead of 3.


    Painter works fine when i running the laptop on the battery, but when i plug it the shaking on strokes returns.


    Wacom cant work properly if it doesnt have a ground pin, so i had to order one on ebay, crossing fingers it will work on my laptop.


    They should warn users on wacom about ground problems, i had this problem like for 2 years.

    There is no bad art, just tight deadlines.