Welcome to my new Painter Insights blog

Hello Everyone,

My name is Daniel and I've been a software developer on Corel Painter since version 7. Over the years, I've worked on many aspects of Painter and I think it's time for me to start sharing some of the insight that I have in to Painter's internals. 

I'm hoping to start posting this week. So, welcome to my blog; I hope you enjoy it!


  • Hi Dan, and Welcome to The PainterFactory. You guys and gals did a great job overhauling Painter 12 to produce a sleek new program.

    Thanks for all of your efforts. Now it's up to us to learn how to use Painter 12 properly, while we await a patch to fix some pretty disruptive bugs.

    In any case, it's so very heartwarming to see you and Chris Tremblay will be  posting in your Blogs. I'm sure the information you share with us will be both valuable and helpful.



  • Hi Daniel,

    When my painting is finished how should I save it, so it still looks just as clean and sharp on the computer and still be able to enlarge the painting with the same clarity? I really am having problems with this and can't seem to find the answer for this problem.


  • Donna, do you mean that you're looking for a file format that doesn't distort your results? Or, are you thinking more about your options for printing?

    If you're not concerned about moving your files between different software programs, I'd suggest you stick to Painter RIFF files. PSD files are a good second choice, especially if you're working with Photoshop.

    Otherwise, I like PNG files as they're not too big on disk and maintain a good file size quality. You'll want to avoid GIF and JPEG if you're concerned about image quality.

    I hope this answers your question.

  • Maybe you can share knowledge on how to use this ridiculous junk. For example, a Help File tells me to select "brushes" then select "import" to import brushes.  Great. Only THERE IS NO IMPORT OPTION in the drop down list when I select brushes. Or a tutorial says to select "real 2B pencil.  And I can't find ANY pencil whatsoever to select.  And yes, I tried every single thing in the toolbox and in the top bar, looking for pencils.  Both Help Files and Tutorials keep telling me to do or select things that do not exist.  Hopefully, the seemingly non-existent tools and/or options do exist somewhere, but unless you have some solid basic knowledge of how to navigate Painter, they remain invisible.  How in the Hell is anyone who knows nothing at all about Painter ever supposed to use it?  I'm in a costume design class with about 35 other students all of whom, as Technical Theater majors, would find Painter useful (if they could use it) and most of which would buy it if I told them where to get the academic price.  As of right now, I'm keeping my mouth shut, not wanting to submit others to the incredible frustration of trying to use this thing without any instructions whatsoever.  "Instructions" which assume one already knows how to generally use the program are NO instructions.