About crashes...

I wanted to make an appeal to our users to help improve the quality of Painter going forward. 

The idea for this post came to me when one of the applications that I use everyday crashed on me. The first thing that happened was that Windows Error Reporting began to generate a crash report. So, as I'm sure most people would, I hit Cancel and went back to what I was doing. It was then that I realized that this is probably what happens when Painter crashes. You hit Cancel and try to get back to where you were. Sure, if things get bad enough or if the crashes persist, you might drop in to a newsgroup to complain about the problem, but in most instances, there are probably more important things on your mind, like your task at hand.


My request to you is, if Painter crashes, please take a minute and let Windows finish generating the crash report.  

We hate crashes and we take them very seriously. We make every effort to ensure that Painter is as solid as possible and ships with no known crashes. The problem is, it's impossible for us to anticipate all the differences in computers, workspaces and workflows. So, inevitably, some crashes remain. We're far more effective working from crash reports than anecdotal post on forums.

When we receive a crash report we get an anonymous email that includes detailed information about the state Painter was in when it crashed. We don't get any information about the user nor anything about the documents you were working on. These crash reports are extremely helpful in finding the cause of problems in our code. Plus, the more duplicate reports we get, the higher the priority we assign to the defect. In fact, if we get enough duplicates, we'll usually try to fast-track a fix and get it out to our users as fast as possible.

Now, on the Mac, you need to do a little more work. If you run in to a crash on the Mac, you first need to click on the Report... button:

And then click the Send to Apple button.


So, please remember to hit 'Send' on those crash reports. It really goes a long way towards improving the quality of Painter.

EDIT: I forgot an important part of this process. On the next launch after a crash on the Mac, you'll see this dialog:

Please hit send here too!

  • I have a repeated crash that happens but the option to generate a report does not appear -- is there any way to force it to appear?

  • If you're on Windows, there's nothing to worry about... the OS should be tracking the duplicates for you.

    On Mac, I'm not sure why you wouldn't get the option to generate a report. I'll look in to it.

  • The crash window is confusing, it appears as if the report is being sent to Windows rather than to Corel.

    Thank you for clearing this up, now that I know the crash report goes to Corel I will be sure to do as you have requested. :)


  • I'm getting a reproducible crash that I reported on the Questions, etc. section of this forum site.  I will mention it here also since I have updated with the SP1 since and still have the crash.

    I have a second account on my Windows 7, 64 bit system that is used for email and web.  Just switching user from my account to the second one, logging off of it, and bringing my account back up (I'm not logged off) crashes Painter 12.  It happens every time, without fail, even if no applications are opened in the second account.

    I have sent the crash report before but will do so again.

    I have Painter 11 and it does not crash in this same situation.

    I hope this helps get the problem solved because it is a real nuisance.

  • I just purchased painter 12 upgrade from 11. I like a lot except for one problem. whenever I use the real wet oil brushes in 5 to 10 minutes painter 12 crashes I am using a HP quad core with 8Gb ram on windows 7, its frustrating since I am using the latest version of painter 12 which corel say's I no not need service pack 1 for.

    But it crashes every time I use real wet oils p.s: I upgraded for those brushes

    What can I do