Hello Painter People :-D

My name is Caroline and I have been a developer at Corel since March 2006.  The first version of Painter I had the opportunity to work on was Painter 10.

I'll be taking over "Dan's Painter Insights" as Dan has moved on from Corel to seek new opportunities.  I've got some big shoes to fill, but I'll do my best to offer you the same level of insight and technical details to help you get the most out of Painter.

Looking forward to sharing more with you soon...  in the meantime, please feel free to send along topics that you would like to hear more about.  I'm happy to discuss anything that doesn't directly touch brushes...  for more details on brush technology, check out Chris' Brush Blog.



  • Hello Caroline,

    This is actually copy pasted from my comment entry to Dan's post a while ago about Painter's Memory. I posted a question that haven't got answered by him. So here goes:

    I looked into this article hoping to find an answer to my problem related to memory settings. I just noticed, about two weeks ago, that my "scratch drive" box is empty (the one right below the memory slider, but off-course you know that), I remember setting it the first time I installed Painter to drive D. So, I clicked it to roll down the list of drives, and strangely the list is also empty, I can't choose a scratch drive. I cannot  notice the impact to the performance though, except that whenever I try to enlarge a digital airbrush variant to ridiculously big size (above 700!) then an error message is popped out saying i don't have enough RAM. Now i don't know if this is related to the scratch drive issue i'm having, or maybe Painter doesn't allow a brush to be that monstrous in size.

    My question is, off-course, where the list go? Will it actually impact Painter's performance?

    Thanks in advance."

    Thank you in advance too, Caroline :)


  • I am taking this time to say thanks for finally getting it right. I've been a fan of Painter since Version 7 not because it was perfect but because I believed in the vision of the product Corel was trying to make. Painter 12 is that product. Finally, an art program that behaves like a real art tool.

    I noticed you guys dodged a lot of the complaints leveled against Painter 10 and 11. They were cool programs but not the best. Painter 12 BLOWS those 2 away as well as any other art program I've used ( Photoshop what!!). It shows you were listening to us.

    If you consider yourself being serious about art then get Painter 12 on a fast workstation.

    Corel Team be proud of yourselves.


  • Hi Caroline:

    I thoroughly read through "Understanding Painter's memory settings". I finished creating the F-15 Strike Eagle as seen on my home page. 30 x 24 - 240 ppi - file size 76.3 megs. I'm using Corel Painter 11 with patch1, iMac specs:  OSX 10.6.8 - 3 GB 667 MHz DDR2 SDRam,  2 Ghz Intel Core Duo, 200 GB Internal HD, 300 GB External (5 GB assigned for Scratch Disk). I wasn't using a Scratch Disk for the F-15 and all worked fine. I also ran iShowU (display recorder), and at times Firefox. All worked great! Started a new painting same size as above. Using the same brush, and settings, I started painting and now I'm getting a huge lag after I make a brush stroke. (spinning wheel). So I Googled the problem and read your post on "Tiles".

    With the competed F-15 file open: Total Tiles: 3776, Locked Tiles 2, Free Tiles: 2276, Free Heap: 1520331K.

    With the new painting and only a pencil sketch layer: Total Tiles: 2275, Locked Tiles 2, Free Tiles: 0 (Yes Zero), Free Heap: 1520331K.

    So that's when I decided to partition my external drive allocating 5 GB for a Scratch Disk, thinking this would help. Nothing.

    I've tried re-booting the computer, using the F-15 file and erasing the data, saving it under another name to start my new painting.

    Am I missing something here? I'm using the default 80% memory usage, and now a Scratch Disk.

    PLEASE help!



  • While I am sad to see Dan go, I don't see why this got a 1 star rating. No need to be so hateful when Caroline understands the weight and shoes she has to fill.