Hannah Brown: Wife of Abner Brown

This old New England cemetery rests against our property.  We've lived here for twenty-three years and this is the first photo I've taken of the cemetery.

Pen & Ink auto-paint using the soft charcoal brush, then hand painting with soft charcoal.

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  • This is a lovely piece of work - nothing about it is out of place.....  

    I have noticed that you have a penchant for the charcoal brushes..... 


  •  I think you're right Cindy, charcoal seems to suit my style.  I don't tend to like vibrantly colored pictures, I'm more of a muted color pallet kind of guy.

  • When I was doing geneology I visited many cemeteries in quite a few states and found them so interesting.  I like what you did with this painting especially with the soft charcoals.

  •  nice artwork!!! it is a shame to live alongside a cemetery for so long and not visit the place more often with your camera - a cemetery in macro mode is another world of mosses, algae, and lichens. Lichens in graveyards and on gravestones are important for several reasons.  Graveyards are places which have a long history as places of peace and tranquillity.  Most have remained relatively undisturbed for centuries and that means that the surface which the lichens have colonised have also remained undisturbed.  This results in a profusion and abundance of species which may not be evident in the surrounding countryside.  Indeed, graveyards are often the last refuge of lichen species whose natural habitat has been disrupted by changes in agricultural practices, or destroyed by development.  The walls of ruined monuments, churches and particularly gravestones often provide habitat for lichen species where no natural habitat exists in the surrounding area. An added bonus is that the residents tend to be very quiet. Some of the brighter colours of lichen can be found on the top edge of gravestones, because the guano to be found there acts as a valuable food source, to us it is a nuisance but packed with nutrients for our microscopic friends.

  • This is a nice artwork and your colour palette really suits it well..I will be interested to see some more taken there.

    Tolouse I have found that very interesting about the lichens.....I never knew that....Personally I really like the grave art and the hidden language that the different decorative symbols mean and how they relate to the deceased person.....fascinating stuff.