Eternity - A Poem and a card for Cindy

Dreams past are all I have of you today,
Of memories together,
Of times we thought would forever stay.
Of laughter and of sunshine,
Of grief  and sometimes gain,
We held each others joy,
And we felt each others pain.
And as I gaze now upon life's road,
And its journey to the end,
I know that somewhere beyond the horizon,
I will find your smile again.

As I gaze upon a sunset,
Or a rainbow in my dreams
I know that there's a place,
That I have never been,
of beauty and of riches,
And of peace we've never known,
of a garden tended beautiful,
No weeds overgrown.
A babbling brook and waterfall,
Like nothing ever seen,
I know that once I get there,
I will never want to leave.



I wrote this poem with you in mind.

Thinking of you at this sad time



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8 Replies

  • Thank you so much my dear friend.   I didn't know you were a poet as well - such beautiful words.   I showed to Lynne's daughter Jenny and it brought tears to her eyes.   So many people from all over the world are touched by Lynne's death...but my little sister deserved it...

    So grateful if you could email me your poem as I'd like to keep it...  

  •  I love the meadow - is that one of your New Zealand shots? I decided against doing a poem, I keep repeating the same rhyme over and over. My doctor says it's just a phrase I'm going through.

  • Glad you liked it's not New Zealand.

    Actually it was taken in the Emperor's Japanese Iris Garden in Yoyogi Park in Japan.  I knew that Cindy liked Japanese things and then remembered this garden and thought it was perfect.

  • Dianne, I never knew you wrote poetry and it was a lovely gift to Cindy in remembrance of her dear sister.  Your painting was lovely, too. 

  • Hi Barbara,

    I dont often write poetry,  so I dont consider myself a poet as such.

    You write such fabulous poetry Barbara and should include some of it when you post a painting here on the cafe. I enjoy reading poetry anytime.



  • Thanks, Dianne.  I suppose that I should add some poetry but I'm not sure how to do it.  Can I Copy and Paste?  You should write more poetry.  That was beautiful and emotional. 

  • Bobbi I had my poem written up in Word and I just copied and pasted into the window where we write our text here when we are posting....very could do it no problem.