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Ok, Heres a topic which could be interesting> Ive played with a lot of sizes of images now and have settled on one which is used by Martin addison, author of panter X for photographers. He knocks his photos down to 10 megs in size by reducing the ppi resolution to 140ppi, and reduces the image, paints and then upsizes the image again. Just wondering how others work on their photos ? I think that if you paint and then upsize, the brushstrokes are shown better although i havent printed one out yet. Just wondering because i tried upsizing the photo, painting and reducing the file size afterwards but the brush detail seems to go missing. I dont want to work on a photo twice, once for screen and once for print, but both are equally important ( i want the cake and eat it i guess). It would be interesting to hear what others do........

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  • I play with resolution in order to conserve RAM. I am assuming ppi and dpi are the same?? I will work at web resolution or a little higher just so I dont get the lag from using the RAM, then when I am finished I change to a higher resolution for print. Otherwise I have to wait between brush strokes. I have a gig of RAM, too.

  • Well I,m all over the place with resolution but normally I bat between a high res for printing and low to med for painting ,I check from time to time what it looks like at differant resolutions,Er does that make sense?

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