How to enlarge and keep clarity

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  • 07-16-2011 5:39 PM

    How to enlarge and keep clarity

    When my painting is finished how should I save it, so it still looks just as clean and sharp on the computer and still be able to enlarge the painting

    (example 24 x 36 ) with the same clarity as I see on the screen? I really am having problems with this and can't figure out what I'm doing wrong.

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    Re: How to enlarge and keep clarity

    For the best results, work at a suitable resolution for the intended end use. I have a printer that can print up to A3+ (329mm x 483mm - 13" x 19"). I've created document presets in Painter for that size at 300dpi. In pixel terms that means that when working on an A3+ document it's actually 3886 pixels x 5705 pixels.

    Many people will start with their document size much smaller, and resize it upwards as they go along. Waiting until the image is finished and then resizing it is probably the least useful solution.

    I'm not sure what size your document is to begin with, but for print quality your 24" x 36" document would be 7200 pixels x 10800 pixels (that's at 300dpi - at 150dpi, which might give you acceptable print results - depending on what you're printing on - you'd only need 3600 pixels x 5400 pixels).

    The further away from these sizes your document is, the worse it's going to be resizing.
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    Re: How to enlarge and keep clarity

    Hi donnasia3,

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    I'm going to move your thread to the Corel Painter 12 forum since the question you asked should not require involvement from the Painter development team and instead has to do with general understanding and use of Corel Painter.

    Any answers you receive, to these questions, will probably pertain to both Painter 12 and Painter X. If not, you can post another thread specific to Painter X in the Corel Painter X - Last Version forum (That forum name needs to be updated as Painter X is no longer the last version).


    Enjoy the forums!



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