Corel Painter Essentials 4 on mac

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  • 12-03-2011 8:43 AM

    Corel Painter Essentials 4 on mac

    I am in the market for a new version of Painter - I have Painer IX on my old windows computer - I have tried to call Corel and never get through - I can't seem to find a serial number for my version of painter and no one was able to help me with an upgrade from IX to 11 because of the lack of support which led me to drop the attempt for over a year - I am getting the urge for a new drawing program so I reinvestigated Corel - today i tried to upload a free trial of Essentials 4 on my Mac which is running OS 10.6.8 and it puts a file called "akamai" on my system but it won't open - so.....I'm getting frustrated with the same issues on lack of support - I love the painter IX but can't get past the problems with support - I'm hoping this forum will be the answer to what the customer support phone can't seem to acheive ~ 

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    Re: Corel Painter Essentials 4 on mac

    I no longer have Painter IX installed however, in Painter X if you go to HelpAbout Corel Painter X, and also in subsequent versions, you can usually find your serial number listed in one of the areas. In Painter X, it's located in the area with the Application Copyright info. I'm guessing that your serial number is also available from somewhere in that "About Corel Painter IX" least I hope so.

    Regarding your question about the "akami" file, I'm afraid I haven't a clue. :( 

    Btw, if you've previously used the full version of Painter, you will probably not be too happy with Painter's an intro type of program.

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