a better mouse that works, please

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  • 06-12-2012 11:04 AM

    a better mouse that works, please

    Dear Corel...

    I have been using Painter since before you bought it from Metacreations. At first it worked well while I was learning to use it...but since I have had to rely on it to do top quality work, it has proven unstable and often fraught with problems.

    I contacted your help/support people and have been referred to an upper level technical person...never heard a word from them again.

    I am now at a crossroad. I would like to upgrade my Apple Mac computer and need a stable and professional quality program that will allow me to create large images and still work smoothly, quickly and predictably without the danger of crashing and losing what I have been working on. I need software that will be as good as the hardware I use.

    What I dont understand is why Painter does not use more RAM? Or why Painter still seems to have no high quality manuals?

    Or am I barking up the wrong tree? Is painter essentially aimed at amateur artists?

    If Adobe can develop Photoshop to work as smoothly as it does, then surely it must be within the realm of possibility for Corel to create a professional level digital drawing and painting program which can run smoothly with large images at high quality?

    I am getting to my wits end with this sloppy, buggy lack of quality. Painter has the tools to be a fabulous product, yet it seems the tools have been made from sugar...pretty and seductive, but useless in terms of durability and quality....


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    Re: a better mouse that works, please

    Hi johann,

    First, I'd like to welcome you to The PainterFactory!

    Then, I think your thread would be more likely to be seen and read by the Corel Painter development team if it was moved to a more appropriate forum. Some wishes are appropriately posted in the Suggestion Box forum but since you so eloquently stated what you need and how you feel about an urgent need, I think this one would do better in the Got a Question/Technical Issue/Bug Report for the Painter Team? forum.

    So... I'll move it there.

    Just wanted to let you know, though you should also receive an e-mail notification about the thread being moved.


    Best wishes!



    Welcome to The PainterFactory!

    Jinny Brown
    PainterFactory Forum Moderator from July 2007, when the site opened, through March 2013

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