Painter for Android Tablets?

Android Tablet use is on the rise, and will probably be even more widespread once cheaper and more powerful tablets are available by Summer 2012.


My question is: Will Corel develope Painter for the Droid OS, and if not, why?

I currently have a Thinkpad Tablet which comes with a digitizer pen, and I currently use SketchBook Pro from Autodesk, which works wonders... however, the brushes and options are nowhere near as extensive as Painter (and reasonably so). I think Corel is really missing out on a big market. The rival (Adobe) has various Photoshop apps in the Android market, but they're severly slimmed down, poorly executed and nearly worthless.

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    What kinds of work would you be expecting to do when you are disconnected from your workstation? You need to keep in mind, tablets have limitations in key areas such as screen size, pen sensitivity (tilt, pressure, velocity) and overall processing capacity. Some of Painter's brush would not perform well on tablets, due to the processor limitations of these devices. 

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    I realize this thread is old, but I'd pay full price for a version of Painter that works on Android and more importantly supports integrated pens "first," over touch.

    I'd love a painting app that's even close to what Painter could do on my Macs and PCs in the nineties. Painter 6 level would be ideal from what I recall.

    Android since 4.x, introduced the APIs for pen input, which include all aspects that Wacom supports -- tilt, rotation, pressure, etc.. There are several tablets on the market now that include a pen, but this new Note 10.1" is the one I'm convinced will get the market share with its integrated Wacom -- the phone version has already sold 10 million.

    I bought the Note 10.1" last Thursday and it has a Wacom stylus on it with 1024 levels of pressure support.  That tid-bit along with specs( Quad 1.4 with 2 gigs of ram. ) that make it more powerful than my old G4 workstation( Dual 1.25 with 2 gigs of ram. ) -- that I used to paint posters on -- make this Android tablet a truly ultra portable painting tablet; something for getting out "color" ideas on the go -- and if the program is good enough, I could even replace my sketchbook.

    The tablets tracking and pressure is just as good as my Cintiq 12wx, which I have plugged into my MacBook Pro 17".  The Note wouldn't replace my portable workstation of course, but it's something I'll bring with me every where -- so alongside my sketch book. Packing up my Cintiq and Mac take a bit of thought.

    Anyways it just needs software, a program like Painter.  Android has everything going for it to become the next platform for digital artists IMO -- if Apple and MS continue to lock up their OSs. The buzz is all mobile and to be quite frank, the iPad is atrocious for doing any art on -- Apple already stated their negative disposition on styluses, file systems, and user choice in general... -- where as I could actually complete a paid piece on this new Note 10.1", or even edit files for clients when out and about.

    And with Android, one can sell software directly from their site, so Corel could sell to peeps like me directly.

    There's a real emerging market on Android for artists going by how many Notes have already sold and the fact it's a truly open OS.  It would be a shame if Painter never made a foot hold, where as watered down blah like SketchBook Pro are already making headway.

    Anyways, that's my ramble/plee! It's not too late Corel!  Androids with Wacom tech integrated are here and they're popular!  I paid $600 for the tablet after tax and I'd pay another $400+ for a real painting application to use on it. :O


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    ^ excuse me, could you please post a link to the amazon/manufacturer's page of the tablet you're talking about?


    on a side note, I'd love to see painter 6 cleaned up a bit (those crashes) and re-released again, to be honest, be it an android, ipad or (preferrably) current mac os platform.

    damn, Corel, back at it again with the new bugs.

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    I think he may be talking about the Samsung Note. Here are some links:



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    Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 - Samsung info page

    I've been waiting an age for the Samsung Galaxy note 10.1 to come out (only just out in Europe so not really available yet on Amazon uk)  It's has various different specs to choose from, so hard to give a definately link but here's the search page.  The ipad without pen or pressure sensitivity didn't do it for me at all.

    Pity the Corel Paint it app is only available for the ipad - but I'm not sure if that's even a Painting app.... looks more like take a pic and auto paint it, but hopefully they will get something good ready for Android.  I'd want a good paint app program too!


    oop  Doug snuck in while I typed ;)

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    ^ thanks for the links!

    I'm absolutely unaware of current tablet market outside of apple offerings, so yeah... and I don't see any mention of wacom collaborating with samsung for s-pen. no exact pressure gradation numbers as well. :( they just state that it is pressure sensitive, with no further details.

    damn, Corel, back at it again with the new bugs.

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    I wasn't aware what the exact pressure sensitivity was going to be, but I did know it was with wacom - saw it on a video preview somewhere. 

    I was only really expecting a small bit of pressure sensitivity (which my old fujitsu/wacom tablet pc has, which is ok - but not as good as the older cintiqs).  So 1024 pressure sensitivity is brilliant! (cnet also say 1024 pressure levels)

    I'll definiately be putting on my wish list!


  • Sorry for necroing the thread, but I just wanted to toss in my vote for an Android Painter app.  Clearly, Tablets have their limitations compared to desktop PCs, but I don't think anyone expects something on the level of Painter 12.  There's no need for things like Real Watercolor or Real Oil technology.  I admit to not being a tech expert by any means, but are tablets not at least up to 1999-2000 PC technology?  If so, wouldn't something along the lines of Painter 6 be feasible (with fewer brushes or something)? 

    With new tablets like the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 and pressure sensitive styli like the Hex3 JaJa (both of which claim 1024 levels of pressure sensitivity) this seems like something worth looking into.  I know I would buy it.

    Just my two cents.  Thanks for listening.


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    Completely agree. and if the engine developed for the android were competitive with Procreate on the ipad I think there is a HUGE market waiting for such an app.  The Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 is an EXCELLENT platform. Corel should partner with Samsung and know what is coming next. Others will fill the void in a matter of time.  I would rather it be Painter.