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  • wacom tablet and brushes issue

    Hello. I searched for similar topic, but found none. I have win 8.1, painter 2015 trial and wacom intuos 4m that works fine with everything else. Problem is- half of the bruses wont work. Entire Pastels and Chalks, several Watercolor and Real Watercolor bruhses wont respond then i use wacom stylus. After...
    Posted to Corel Painter 2015 (Forum) by raracloser on 10-30-2014
  • Re: Brush resizing REALLY slow.

    I signed up here to complaint about the very same thing. What the hell are they thinking by removing this feature?!?! Does Corel even test their own product? If so, I seriously doubt it's done by a digital artist.
    Posted to Corel Painter 2015 (Forum) by Alexlinde on 10-26-2014
  • Re: 2015 Not tracking stokes on Cintiq?

    Any word on this yet? Just got Cintiq 13hd and Painter 2015, everything works fine and is calibrated and oriented properly with tablet assigned as primary monitor, BUT brush strokes cannot be initiated from bottom 1/4 of tablet (in righthanded landscape orientation). A brush stroke can appear in that...
    Posted to Corel Painter 2015 (Forum) by Devin on 09-19-2014
  • Re: Painter 12 continues to frustrate

    Dear Joe C. I have been doing some further investigation and have discovered that the problems that I have encountered with Corel Painter 12 may be quite widespread. It appears that I am anything but alone. And, from some of the comments I have read, I get the feeling that one reason for this unfortunate...
    Posted to Corel Painter 12 (Forum) by MMGilbert on 02-16-2014
  • Re: Painter 12 continues to frustrate

    Well, actually I did provide all that information to a Corel technician who ended up scratching his head and suggesting setting up another user on our Painter 12 machine and installing Painter 12 for that new user. The machine in question is a PC with an Intel Core 2 Duo CPU (E7500@2.93GHz) with 3.0...
    Posted to Corel Painter 12 (Forum) by MMGilbert on 02-12-2014
  • X3 on Mavericks with patch installed, crashes and selection portfolio bug

    I have been getting more random crashes than expected with the X3 patch installed. I can make patterns now without crashing, so that's good, but I cannot load selections from the selection portfolio which is not good. UPDATE: I have discovered that the selections are loading, but not onto the canvas...
  • Re: Smart Stroke Glitch?

    Digger, Thanks very much for responding. I was aware of the update (SP1) and I "thought" I had installed it. But, to be sure, this morning I went back to the Corel site and downloaded it again. Then installed. The installation process did not tell me the update/software was up to date, or anything...
    Posted to Corel Painter 11 (Forum) by jesfl45 on 11-15-2013
  • Smart Stroke Glitch?

    Help please. I'm a real newbie. In fact, I just purchased an unopened (and outdated) copy of Painter 11 from a small computer repair, etc. dealer near me, as that was all I could afford as a starting point for learning Painter. It's working, but there is an unusual "glitch." I'm...
    Posted to Corel Painter 11 (Forum) by jesfl45 on 11-14-2013
  • Re: X3 and 12.2 crashes in Mavericks

    [quote user="doverbay"]I noticed though that after changing the memory settings and UNCHECKING the option to use extra memory, it didn't make any difference, but that option is now no longer available for selecting... it's greyed out.[/quote] This is a known/reported bug, that might...
    Posted to Corel Painter X3 (Forum) by ipetcats on 11-02-2013
  • Re: Possible Bug in X3

    I hear ya, but I'm nearing the point of exhaustion with the issues (and that's saying a lot considering I've been using the software for almost 20 years). I desperately wish they would concentrate on the real issues with the program (bugs, crashes, performance/stability problems, etc.) and...
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