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  • Free Watercolor Brush

    Painting by Karen Sperling from a photo at Stock.XCHNG . Painting Watercolor Portraits from Photos I had a great time painting this watercolor portrait for the February 2010 issue of Artistry Tips and Tricks. I used a custom watercolor brush that I created that you can download for free. Click here for...
    Posted to Tutorials (Forum) by Karen Sperling on 02-03-2010
  • Book signing today Dec 19 2009

    Book Signing: Karen Sperling's Books L.A. Streets + Painting for Photographers Saturday, December 19, 2009 2 pm to 5 pm Gallery Godo 6749 San Fernando Rd.#C Glendale, CA 91201 If you're in Los Angeles, join us at the launch and book signing of my new Painter book, Painting...
  • All Things Digital Painting!

    Welcome to The Digital Paintbrush
  • NEW FREE VIDEO Painter Lessons on You Tube

    Subscribe to the new Digital Paintbrush You Tube Channel to get the latest video lessons and I am starting a basic BEGINNER Series there that will be updated once to twice a week with lessons. We have a lot of new exciting learning planned! Don't miss it! Marilyn Sholin Corel Painter Master
    Posted to Tutorials (Forum) by Marilyn Sholin on 02-15-2009
  • Re: No Worries

    What a gorgeous painting! It's got movement, emotion and I love the limited color palette. You are so kind to mention the book as inspiration! It was truly a difficult accomplishment for me and to see the paintings it inspires is a whole new wonderful feeling. Thank you for sharing that! warm wishes...
    Posted to Share your work (Forum) by Marilyn Sholin on 02-04-2009
  • New YouTube Channel for Digital Painting

    We have opened a new You Tube channel to bring together Digital Painting in one spot. SUBSCRIBE TO: DIGITAL PAINTBRUSH Trying to organize all my video movies here and favorite others all over the internet. Making it a one stop area for video tutorials of...

    OCTOBER 19-22 We are having a special four day Painter Blast only for those who are already familiar with Painter. You don't have to be an expert or advanced, but we are not going to be teaching "this is a brush". The four days is an immersion into not only Painter but ways to use other...
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