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  • Painter and Painting for Photographers Hit the Airwaves

    I was a guest on Jeff Levy's Digital Doctor show on KABC radio in Los Angeles over the weekend. We talked about Painter and about my book, Painting for Photographers, available at Amazon and at my web site . The show is posted as a podcast here at the KABC web site. I'm the last one on, so you...
    Posted to Tutorials (Forum) by Karen Sperling on 03-03-2010
  • Re: Free Watercolor Brush

    I just painted this with my new watercolor brush available here .
    Posted to Tutorials (Forum) by Karen Sperling on 02-05-2010
  • Free Watercolor Brush

    Painting by Karen Sperling from a photo at Stock.XCHNG . Painting Watercolor Portraits from Photos I had a great time painting this watercolor portrait for the February 2010 issue of Artistry Tips and Tricks. I used a custom watercolor brush that I created that you can download for free. Click here for...
    Posted to Tutorials (Forum) by Karen Sperling on 02-03-2010
  • New Video Tutorial

    I use the Cloners' xScale 2P variant a lot for setting up landscape paintings, including the image below featured in the November 2009 issue of Artistry Tips and Tricks. I did a little video showing how the xScale 2P variant works. Check it out! Click here to see the video. Photo and painting by...
    Posted to Tutorials (Forum) by Karen Sperling on 11-09-2009
  • Painting for Photographers review

    Digital Image Magazine is a great resource for painting photos in Painter, and Bob Nolin just published a great review of my book, Painting for Photographers. Click here to read the review and to visit the Digital Image Magazine site.
    Posted to Tutorials (Forum) by Karen Sperling on 08-26-2009
  • Painting demos

    I uploaded a couple of speed painting demos at Youtube: Enjoy!
    Posted to Tutorials (Forum) by Karen Sperling on 02-21-2009
  • NEW FREE VIDEO Painter Lessons on You Tube

    Subscribe to the new Digital Paintbrush You Tube Channel to get the latest video lessons and I am starting a basic BEGINNER Series there that will be updated once to twice a week with lessons. We have a lot of new exciting learning planned! Don't miss it! Marilyn Sholin Corel Painter Master
    Posted to Tutorials (Forum) by Marilyn Sholin on 02-15-2009
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