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  • Products not installing

    I recently bought a wacom intuous4 and sketchpad came bundled with it. I tried installing the software but whenever it came to the licence agreement it just stopped and wouldnt do anything else. I tried it again a few more times with the same result. Then i tried downloading the painter 12 trial and...
    Posted to Painter Sketch Pad (Forum) by axlemax on 09-01-2011
  • Re: Sketchpad Upgrade

    I re installed Sketch Pad, applied the Hotfix 2 because I got my version bundled with my Wacom Tablet, reset my workspace and updated from version 1.0.067 to 1.0.075. Unfortunately, I can't remember what version I was using because I was unable to even start Sketch Pad at all today, so I was unable...
    Posted to Painter Sketch Pad (Forum) by sabertoothvsx23 on 10-12-2010
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