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  • Corel Painter 12 Layers HELP

    Hi, In my infinite stupidity I started drawing before adding layers to my canvas. I was wondering if there is a way to make the canvas "layer one" and make a new layer into the canvas. So that I can color in my drawing and not have to worry about coloring over my line. Is this possible? I've...
    Posted to Corel Painter 12 (Forum) by Bryan B on 06-20-2014
  • Re: painter12 Will not work " not responding"

    For all those people who have not been able to get windows 7-painter 12 - 64bit working because it locks up on installation I understand your frustration (because I have been there myself) here is how to get it working. 1. Create a new user in windows make sure the user has administrator privileges....
    Posted to Corel Painter 12 (Forum) by 53peterp on 12-30-2013
  • Corel Painter Art Classes....

    New classes are about to commence at LVS Online Introduction to Painter Brushes I & II The Art of Collage with Corel Painter PhotoPainting & Portraiture I, II & III Class cost is $30US and is of five weeks duration and will commence on 24th February. Registration will close on the 23rd February...
    Posted to Painter Class Announcements (Forum) by Maureen on 02-20-2011
  • Painter Watercolor Webinar Update

    A quick clarification: I had erroneously displayed the start time of next week's All Things Painter Watercolor Webinar as 11:30 Pacific Daylight Time. I've managed to confuse myself—as well as everyone else. Here are the correct startimes in different time zones: 11:30AM PDT 12:30PM MDT 1:30PM...
    Posted to John Derry's PaintBlog (Weblog) by John Derry on 08-21-2009
  • August 28th Painter Webinar Topic: Watercolor Technique

    For this All Things Painter Webinar, I'll be focusing on achieving the look of Watercolor with Painter's brushes. Digital Watercolor is one of those mediums that requires a bit of cheating to get an authentic look. I'll be describing how to use Painter's Digital Watercolor brushes, as...
    Posted to John Derry's PaintBlog (Weblog) by John Derry on 08-17-2009
  • All Things Painter Webinar with John Derry

    I've been graciously asked by Karen Bonaker of the Digital Art Academy if I'd like to do a Painter webinar. We've arranged a date, August 28, from 11:30 to 12:30 MDT. I'm letting attendees determine the topic areas of this session. As an attendee, you can submit topic suggestions as a...
    Posted to John Derry's PaintBlog (Weblog) by John Derry on 08-05-2009
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