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  • Doing something wrong?

    Hi, I'm new boy to Painter (X), and I'm hoping I could get a bit of advice.... I'm pretty handy in PS, so the general palettes etc in Painter I can figure out - what I'm not getting, and this might be a real dumb question, is...I want to produce an A3 (ish) image at 300 dpi - setting...
    Posted to Corel Painter X (Forum) by jonny_rocketts on 02-08-2010
  • Painter Watercolor Webinar Update

    A quick clarification: I had erroneously displayed the start time of next week's All Things Painter Watercolor Webinar as 11:30 Pacific Daylight Time. I've managed to confuse myself—as well as everyone else. Here are the correct startimes in different time zones: 11:30AM PDT 12:30PM MDT 1:30PM...
    Posted to John Derry's PaintBlog (Weblog) by John Derry on 08-21-2009
  • August 28th Painter Webinar Topic: Watercolor Technique

    For this All Things Painter Webinar, I'll be focusing on achieving the look of Watercolor with Painter's brushes. Digital Watercolor is one of those mediums that requires a bit of cheating to get an authentic look. I'll be describing how to use Painter's Digital Watercolor brushes, as...
    Posted to John Derry's PaintBlog (Weblog) by John Derry on 08-17-2009
  • Painter Sketch Pad & Watercolor

    I am trying hard to use Sketch Pad. I love the way the program is organized and thought out - it really does have the feel of a sketch pad but most of my sketching is in watercolor and the watercolor brushes that come with the program do not give a satisfactory watercolor sketching experience. In painter...
  • Work in progress: Bob's Escape

    This is a concept art for a story I am working on inspired by the novel 1984 by Orwell. This scene Bob just figured out being a second class citizen is not what he wants to be and finds an escape route to the sewers of the totalitarian city. I used digital watercolor, pen, oil, and a bit of glow.
    Posted to Share your work (Forum) by orion22X on 04-14-2008
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