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  • Corel Painter 12 Layers HELP

    Hi, In my infinite stupidity I started drawing before adding layers to my canvas. I was wondering if there is a way to make the canvas "layer one" and make a new layer into the canvas. So that I can color in my drawing and not have to worry about coloring over my line. Is this possible? I've...
    Posted to Corel Painter 12 (Forum) by Bryan B on 06-20-2014
  • Done with Painter X

    A couple of paintings I did with Painter 10..enjoy
    Posted to Share your work (Forum) by Harryduse on 03-28-2014
  • Girl on a blanket

    Girl reading a book on a blanket I just love the way you can play with how a painting looks after you paint it Painter X3 rocks...enjoy
    Posted to Share your work (Forum) by Harryduse on 03-27-2014
  • Re: painter12 Will not work " not responding"

    For all those people who have not been able to get windows 7-painter 12 - 64bit working because it locks up on installation I understand your frustration (because I have been there myself) here is how to get it working. 1. Create a new user in windows make sure the user has administrator privileges....
    Posted to Corel Painter 12 (Forum) by 53peterp on 12-30-2013
  • Crashes when i turn on intuis pro

    HELP!!! So if my tablet turns off while im using painter 12, it crashes when i turn it back on and it wont work until i restart my computer. this is very annoying.
    Posted to Corel Painter 12 (Forum) by kirill2525 on 10-22-2013
  • Creating Eraser Variants

    Hi, New to Painter 12, I am trying to create a Airbrush variant to use as an Airbrush Eraser, I'm sure in Painter 9, I just used to create the Brush Variant and then go to the brush controls general dialouge box and change Method to Erase rather than 'cover'. But in 12 that option is greyed...
    Posted to Corel Painter 12 (Forum) by Ian Murray on 06-07-2013
  • Can't scumble in painter

    Looking for a technique that acts like a dry brush in traditional painting. Here is a example of exactly what I'm seeking.. In acrylic painting .. let's say a layer has been applied and it has some brush stroke texture to it. It has dried and the next layer is applied with a dry brush and just...
    Posted to Corel Painter 12 (Forum) by Julie Miner on 05-31-2013
  • Corel Painter Class in Paradise May 21-23, 2013

    Join Corel Painter Master Karen Sperling in paradise May 21-23, 2013 and learn her unique step-by-step techniques for turning photos into paintings in Corel Painter 12! The El Cabellero Country Club in Los Angeles (Tarzana, CA) will host your inspirational three days together rubbing elbows with fellow...
  • Compound Object

    I'm trying to create a compound object out of two shapes and am finding that rather than joining the two objects together, the top one is effectively cutting the shape out of the lower object. Can anyone tell me if it is even possible for these two objects to be joned together as the blue examle...
    Posted to Corel Painter 12 (Forum) by AndyCarolan on 03-11-2013
  • Re: Onion Skin/Tracing paper issue

    I heve asked this to the Corel support and they answered that functionality is gone in Painter 12 (at least in Win8 64 bit). When I bougt the software it was promised to have this "onion skin" functionality but it has not. So I have a bought a crippeled software and payed full price . Corel...
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