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  • Trick to Boost Painter's Performance

    Hello everyone, here's some to the tips I've been using through years to bootst up Painter's performance. It is applicable to painter IX.5 and Up (Tried myself, Should be working for below version IX too I think.) Since Painter 12 introduced multicore process, Corel claimed an increased performance...
    Posted to Tips & Tricks (Forum) by Mercyguy on 08-16-2013
  • A question about speed...

    Hello, I'm new to Painter, so maybe my expectations are off. However, things seem very slow to me. First, I use an Intel-based, 2.33 GHz Core Dou Macbook Pro with 3 gigabytes of RAM. No great graphics processor here. Stil.... I was working on 12" x 9" document at 360 ppi, on a watercolor...
    Posted to Corel Painter 11 (Forum) by MichaelS on 01-20-2011
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