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  • New Webinars

    Attend an Artistry Webinar and get live instruction with Painter Master and original Painter expert Karen Sperling! Learn to paint photos in Corel Painter, or advance your skills and knowledge to the next level without leaving home! Sign up for one or more Artistry Webinars and watch your paintings from...
  • Book signing today Dec 19 2009

    Book Signing: Karen Sperling's Books L.A. Streets + Painting for Photographers Saturday, December 19, 2009 2 pm to 5 pm Gallery Godo 6749 San Fernando Rd.#C Glendale, CA 91201 If you're in Los Angeles, join us at the launch and book signing of my new Painter book, Painting...
  • Painting for Photographers Sneak Previews

    Cover painting and design by Karen Sperling from a photo by Felicia Tausig. If you think you can paint photos, you probably can! And in my new book, Painting for Photographers, I show you the art lessons and Painter steps for turning photos into works of art! You can see a book trailer video of Painting...
  • Free Artistry Webinars

    Today I showed Painting for Photographers for the first time anywhere in an Artistry Virtual Book Reading webinar. And the reviews are RAVES!! "Karen, I would be more than happy to give you my comments for your new book. I think the layout is very crisp and professional. It appears to flow in a...
  • New Artistry Webinars Added

    New dates, times and subjects have been added to the Artistry Webinar series, where Painter Master and original Painter expert Karen Sperling (she wrote the first several Painter manuals!) shows you how to turn photos into paintings in Painter. The Artistry Webinars include information about art concepts...
  • Re: Artistry Webinars

    Thanks-the word is spreading about the Artistry Webinars! Karen
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