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  • Re: painter12 Will not work " not responding"

    In the end, the nice people i bought it from asked for another copy from Corel ( i'd tried to run the cd on several machines without any luck) .. and guess what , the new one worked fine.. still crashes all the time though, but that's painter. I found that its very susceptible to screen resolution...
    Posted to Corel Painter 12 (Forum) by pip on 07-30-2012
  • Painter 12 does not launch

    Hi, I'm running Windows 7. I use a Wacom tablet Intuos4, and I purchased an upgrade to go from Painter 11 to Painter 12. After installation, I tried to launch the program, and it hangs. Doesn't launch! Any idea of what could be the cause of this? I noticed that after I installed the Painter 12...
  • Lasso Selection problem

    Im having problems with the Lassoo selection tool on P12. When selecting an area with this tool, it appears to close the selection area as it normally would when the pen is lifted from the tablet. I dont have this problem in any other paint/art package that I use (Corel GS X5, Artrage Studio Pro etc...
    Posted to Corel Painter 12 (Forum) by AndyCarolan on 05-27-2011
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