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About Karen Sperling

Karen Sperling is the original Painter expert.

She has been writing about and teaching Painter longer than anyone.

She wrote the first manual when Painter debuted in 1991 and went on to write the manuals for the next several versions.

In fact, she wrote a manual for ColorStudio, a software program written by Painter's original authors, Mark Zimmer and Tom Hedges, that predated both Painter and Photoshop. The information and technology were later included in Painter, so she's actually been writing about Painter since before it was Painter!

She has written three published Painter books and has just published her fourth entitled Painting for Photographers.

Karen published the first printed Painter magazine, Artistry magazine.

She currently publishes a monthly e-zine, Artistry Tips and Tricks, which contains art concepts and step-by-step tutorials for turning photos into paintings in Painter and in Photoshop.

Karen also teaches the art concepts and Painter and Photoshop steps for painting photos at her Artistry Retreats, held in Malibu, CA on the Pepperdine University campus high atop the Santa Monica mountains with breathtaking views of the Pacific Ocean.

For more info about Karen Sperling's Painter book, tutorials and classes click here.

Meanwhile, Karen recently started creating and exhibiting abstract art.

Her art has been included in group shows in New York's prestigious Chelsea art section.

And her art was on view during Miami Art Basel 2008.

Click here to see Karen's abstract art.

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