Looking for a spot on the Factory Wall?

So a number of folks have asked, and a few have emailed to ask how they can get a spot on the Factory Wall.

So the easy answer is you just have to ask.

But this being a community site with a few hundred folks registered to the site, unfortunately we cannot offer a spot up to everybody.

So here's the deal...

Send an email to us at painterteam@corel.com with the following info:

Your Name (real name please)
Your PainterFactory ID
A link to an existing collection of your artwork that would be typical of what you would post on your bit of the Factory Wall (or a few sample pieces attached to the email)
Desired title of the proposed gallery
Any desired comments that you wish to share

Your artwork will be reviewed by an ad hoc committee here, and folks that are 'approved' for galleries will be notified (by email) once they are set up with info to access etc...

This will be an ongoing process, so if you don't feel up to it right now, feel free to keep this in mind, you can always submit in the future. While we will not be reviewing the submissions on a dialy basis, we will be hoping to add folks from time to time depending on the submission rate.

BTW... the review group is a good crew, and not at all snibbish about the artwork, so give it a go if you feel like sharing your work with others in the PainterFactory.


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  • We have received a number of requests to get a spot on the Factory Wall, and have had our first review of submissions.

    We will be notifying folks, both those we will be inviting to display work in the galleries as well as those we will be declining, very soon of the results of the review.

    Sorry to all for the delay, some things can't be avoided.

    Looking forward to seeing new work on the wall soon!

    For folks that are still interested on getting a spot on the wall, we will be conducting reviews of submissions on a monthly schedule, so keep the submissions coming, per the details above.