Corel Painter 12 Mac Users - A Hot fix for OSX 10.7 users is now live and ready for download


Corel Painter 12 – Mac 10.7 Hot Fix 2 (English, Chinese Simplified, Chinese Traditional, Korean)

Hot Fix 2 updates the latest release of Corel® Painter™ 12 ( to Corel Painter 12 ( This Hot fix addresses the following issues for users running on Mac OS® X Lion 10.

  • Selecting grouped layers no longer crashes the application
  • Painter no longer crashes when paired with a Wacom® Cintiq® Tablet
  • General refresh issues in Libraries have been addressed
  • General instability issues on Mac OS X Lion 10.7 have been addressed
...please visit this link to learn more and obtain the fix.

Please note, the Chinese and Korean version of the fix will be loaded next week (week of October 10th, 2011). The Japanese version will be posted tormorrow, October 5th.

  • Thank you Andy and Team Painter!  Very happy to get this ... my Mac and I have never been more cross with one another, and this should smooth things out!

  • Thanks, Andy.

    I've posted this announcement in the shared CGTalk Photoshop and Corel Painter forum and in the Painter forum.



    Rest in Peace, Steve Jobs.



  • I didn't realize there was a focused thread on this issue, my first time here.

    Andy, would you be able to explain the reason for an Error code 20?

    I installed both the SP1 and HotFix, and the application still comes up with this error code. Even after a clean re-install and entering my admin password.

    I am trying to see if I can get a working trial installed or re-download from a previously purchased license and enter the serial I registered on my corel account into painter 12.

    I purchased an upgrade license.

    Any recommendations?