One Subject Line Per Thread

 Please Read This, Everyone:

The Share Your Work forum thread named Hello has had it's subject line changed several times since the thread was started.

With the exception of a few messages in that thread posted by the oriignal thread author, I've edited the thread so each post carries the original subject line, Hello, posted the new focus lines (the changed subject line text) at the top of the message in bold text, and I've asked the thread author to do the same for those messages I was not able to edit.

If you've been following the Hello  thread (by whatever the subject line was when you last read the thread) and are looking for any of the following subject lines...

  • Another from a series on blues musicians

  • You Better C'mon into my Kitchen

  • When we got back near town we were befriended by a young woman who was determined to sell us four green oranges for either $5, or the gold necklace

  • There's a great big mystery, and it sure is worrying me

  • A blues- thread?

... you'll find the thread again using the original subject line, located here: Hello

For your own threads and posts in others' threads, please only use the original thread's subject line and, if you want to change the thread focus in a particular post, just type a line describing the new focus at the top of your message, in bold text.

This will make it easier for members to find, and follow the threads.



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