Painter 12.2 FREE Update is Live!



Check out what's new in Painter 12.2. The top line new content is as follows:

  • New! Flow maps: Maximize the creative potential of the Real Watercolor and Real Wet Oil brushes by adding flow maps to help direct the flow of paint, producing less saturation at the peaks of textures and more saturation in the valleys
  • New! Vertical docking: Dock palettes to the vertical edge of the application window by simply dragging and dropping
  • New! Multi-touch support for Wacom Intuos5 touch pen tablets and Cintiq 24HD touch interactive pen displays: Perform movements such as panning, spinning and pinching, in order to work closely with the canvas and stay focused on the art instead of hunting for quick keys or buttons
  • New! Corel Cinco:  A new companion app that gives users complete creative control of the Painter 12 desktop with an iPad

You can check out the release notes and the other fixes here. This update is FREE to all existing Painter 12 customers.

Special thanks to all the beta users that provided feedback and great visuals that show off Painter 12.2!


Attention Mac users. Given some changes that Apple is introducing in their upcoming operating system, they are introducing new online features that will require you to have the latest software updates for 10.6 and 10.7. If you run into installation issues (installation failed message), please check for updates and install the latest patches from Apple.


Make sure you apply all the patches including iTunes, Safari etc. One of these applications applies a security setting that solves this issue.


Once you have installed these patches, relaunch Painter and rerun the patch dmg or simply Check for Updates with Painter to restart the Painter

12.2 installation.





  • I'm a mac user and it seems that the update Painter12.2 cannot work as it should. I have the latest updates and upgrades for mac (I-tunes, Safari, OS mountain lion). The system instals the update and confirm that the installation was succesfull, but it doesn't appear in the application Painter12.1. Is this because the mac runs a 64-bit instead of 32-bits? I've tryed everything and I am about to give up. Is there anything that could make the installation possible. I would love to have that update. Many thanks for any suggestion.

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