Painter Factory Migration/Upgrade Option



Greetings Painter Community.

Change is certain and one thing that has drastically changed is community. I have noted the Painter Factory has been filling with spammers very rapidly over the past year. The underlying software we use is dated and in need of an upgrade that takes time and resources away from building better software. As a consequence, we are faced with some options, one of which I would like to share and get your feedback on.

Start a New Factory Forum using Google +Plus

Google Plus is a very powerful, free and well thought out framework for personal, public or group communications and collaboration. Over the past six months, I have noted more and more functionality, flexibility and user privacy options. The likes of Google, Facebook and Yahoo are in business to build communities and happily, they are competing to keep it compelling and in most cases, respectful of people's privacy.

Since Google is free and it has a very long track record around user privacy, I believe it is the logical place to consider for a new and improved community use. I realize there are downsides, but in my opinion, the benefits far outweigh them. Consider these points:

- Google Plus it is free, open and available 7x24, not to mention, it is maintained by a focused group of developers. Since it is highly integrated across more and more Google properties, it has long term staying power in the market

- it has tremendous new communications capabilities that our current software does not have. You can actually Hang Out with Forum members, connect over video and even share your desktop if you choose to

- it has the perceived upper hand over Facebook as it relates to user privacy. But then again, you could sign up and call yourself Bill the Cat... not that you heard that suggestion here.

I could go on with the upside and downsides, but the world has really moved to more open, scalable community frameworks. It is likely, some of you may refuse to join in if we end up proceeding with Google Plus as our new home for the Painter Factory Forum. We cannot please everyone, but if I do get considerable push-back, then I am more than willing to look at other options.

I have created a working prototype you can join...please don't assume the decision is final. This is simply a placeholder to help you visualize and try it out. Note, you will need a Google Account.  

Check it out here:

You are welcome to comment on this thread, or within the Google Plus community.


Happy New Year to all!