Does PE4 not allow multi-tasking?

Hi, first post here.

I've installed the trial version of PE4, really like it, and reckon I'll be buying it soon. (Although as a rank amateur I suspect I won't get far beyond the presets). But one immediate issue puzzles me, unless I'm missing something obvious. Doesn't the application let me continue processing when I switch briefly to another program, or when I minimise it? At present it just stops dead in its tracks under those conditions, or when some other application automatically takes focus (like an Outlook reminder message or whatever).

I'm hoping it can be configured to do multi-tasking of that sort, given that this is a quad core CPU.


Terry, East Grinstead, UK

  •  Hi Terry, welcome to PE4 and the forum.

    I've just tried running a painting in autopaint using a preset, it worked fine even though I opened several programs and switched bettween them. 

    I was also on the internet at the same time (on this forum), when I went back to the painting it seemed ok and looked finished. Wendy Cook from Corel could possibly answer your question better than me, or Tolouse, hope you maybe get a more definitive answer.




  •  Hi Terry - quad core is fine but how much RAM do you have? Digital Art is a real number cruncher, I only have four gigabytes of RAM and constantly come unstuck - but running xp I have little choice, however there is one thing you could try - have you set up a scratch disk, another hard drive whether internal or external - that can make a huge difference - when as you say your computer stops dead in its tracks that is often a case of running out of grey matter and sitting there in confusion. Within Painter Essentials, go to the "Edit" menu and select "Preferences..." in the dropdown menu in the upper left-hand corner, select "Memory & Scratch..."  and ensure that the "Scratch Disk" is set to your hard drive with the most available space. All graphics programmes are number crunchers and drive your memory hard.

  • Alan, Tolouse:

    Thanks both, much appreciate the fast replies.

    I too have XP and 4 GB RAM (although I gather XP limits this in practice to about 3 GB).

    I had set my Memory & Scratch to my non-system drive (750 GB, with plenty to spare).

    Experimenting further, it seems that if I switch applications by using Alt+Tab, then in the majority of cases PE4 continues to process. But if I use the mouse at all, whether to change apps, minimise, restore, click it within another application, etc, then it halts PE4.

    Could you see if you can reproduce that behaviour please?


    Terry, East Grinstead, UK

  •  same thing happens to me - but I am a little confused as to why you would want to, because often when rendering an image it is best to stop it at a particular moment rather than allowing it to go full course - if you are not watching what control do you have?

  • Terry,

    32 bit applications like PE4 only get to use (are allocated by the OS) 2GB of your memory.