Photo Painter 4 not working

 Hi I recently purchased Corel Photo Shop 3x Pro and it came with Photo Painter Essentials 4. I can not get the program to start. I constantly get an error The application Encountered an error and must close.


I also purchased painter Essentials 4.0 and it will not work either.  I already had the Color Profiles file on my Computer so thats not the problem.


I have Windows 7 Ultimate  64 bit


Please help me

I spent the money and it should work!!





  • Have you downloaded the patches from the Corel your program(s) from the drop down at this page:


    That goes for ANY program you buy...always check the manufacturer's website for the latest patches, especially when using newer operating systems.


    Also do a search here...there are several messages on the topic of WIndows 7, people may have asked the exact same question you are.


  • Windows 7, 64-bit - purchased the Photo/Video bundle and "Photo Essentials" took literally 10 minutes to start up.  Contacted Corel support, "Photo Essentials" not supported in Windows 7 so I (foolishly) purchased the "Essentials" upgrade which is supported.  Same problem - literally 10 minutes to start up.

    Things I've tried:

    - Adding exclusions to my antivirus/anti-malware software

    - Removing "Photo Essentials" and installing the "Essentials" on it's own - install fine, 10 minutes to start up.

    - Upgrading "Essentials" on top of "Photo Essentials" (same directory) - install fine, 10 minutes to start up.

    - Installing "Essentials" in a different directory than "Photo Essentials" - install fine, 10 minutes to start up.

    - Running in XP / Vista compatibility mode and as an Administrator - 10 minutes to start up.

    - Installing the referenced patch - will not install, "software not installed" error - nice.

    - Adding the Color Profiles directory - 10 minutes to start up.

    I've tried all of this on multiple machines (all Windows 7).  I'm also curious as to why the "Photo Essentials" installer is 309mb, the "Essentials" upgrade is 62mb and the "Essentials" trial version is only 62mb.

      Frustrated? yes!!




    I already read through all of the windows 7 problems and questions in the forums.
    I have tried the patch and it will not run…..says I do not have the program installed.
    The Painter essentials program says This copy of Painter has been damaged or illegally modified. Please reinstall from your original discs.
    I downloaded and installed online. I have no original disks!!!
    The Painter Photo Essentials 4 says the program encountered a problem and needs to close.
    I am very computer savvy and I read everything about programs I buy. I try to figure it out before notifying the company and if I do I share my solution with others if it works.
    I have tried all the fixes on the essentials forums and none worked.
    Please help!!
    Thank you



    Yes I did all of that as well!!!
    I have no clue but do not get much help.
    Crazy I swear if I don’t get answers soon I will tell my friends to stay away from the product. It is a stall tactic because they have no solution and they are buying time to figre it out!!


  • I hear you - if I didn't like Paint Shop Pro (or whatever they're calling it these days :-) so much, I wouldn't even have considered the other products (I use Photoshop as well, but MUCH prefer PSP).

    Anyway, I'm not expecting a "fix" from Corel, I haven't had much luck with their support in the past.

    I guess I'm lucky that the program will open at least (guess I'll just launch it and go do something else for 10 or 15 minutes until it comes up).  As you said, paid for products should work as expected.  Good luck!

    p.s. on a side note, in the past when the "damaged or illegal product" error has come up, it's been a problem with the Protexis Licensing service - you may want to verify that's running.