Is it possible to scan images right into a corel painter document?

If it is, how?  And will I need to set a canvas size before hand?

  •  I am pretty sure it can be done. I noticed there is a twain source which would be for a scanner. The Acquire Twain should be the input for the scanner.

    I set up a canvas to get the screen open but that can also be changed.

    You might also save the scan to your computer and open it with painter.

  •  Raybrite is right, you need to select twain source first - then twain acquire - it might be worth scanning at high quality then reducing in size afterwards to whatever you require, after all if you do it first in high quality you get a good print from your efforts, then have to reduce in size and quality to put it on the forum. but you get to keep the best version. Are you without a digital camera at present? or is there another reason you wish to use a scanner?

  • Thanks for the help! I have a digital camera, but I needed to scan in a drawing (I guess that would've been a better word to use instead of image) to color and shade it. I've got it all figured out now and thanks again for the advice.

  • hi...

    I too have the same problem and npw it had been solved.

    Can you say which document scanning software is best...



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  •  generally I use the twain driver, and scan straight into paint shop pro, simply because I had this graphics program first of all so work quicker through familiarity - I clean up the image using the eraser, and any necessary contrast or brightness adjustments - then save as a jpeg, with drawings I scan as a greyscale, then when cleaned up increase colour depth to 16 million, and save as a jpeg.