Transcripts of Video tutorials?

Hello.  I'm art beginner.  The Painters Essentials 4 video tutorials are unfortunately without the subtitles or captioning that would help me to understand the tutorials.

I wanted to know if there is the transcript for this video tutorials at Painters Essentials 4 please? 

Let me know.


  • Hi Artbeginner,

    Welcome to the Cafe and to Painter Essentials. PE4 is a terrific program I'm sure you'll enjoy for a long time to come, and the Cafe is a great place to learn from others (and eventually teach what you know) and share your paintings and experiences.

    Yes, there's a written guide to the video tutorials. In Essentials, under the Help menu at the top of your screen, you'll see "Guidebook". Click on that and what you're looking for will open up. You can read it onscreen or print it out. Enjoy!

  • All right.  Thanks for quick response.