How to unminimize a document

Hi. I just bought Painter 5 Essentials for Mac. I also own Corel Painter 12 for Mac. I am using them with a Wacom Intuos 3 tablet. I just bought Essentials on sale. I wanted it because I get overwhelmed with all the features of Corel Painter 12.

Anyway, when I'm using both programs, I keep accidentally minimizing the document. I'm not exactly sure how I'm doing it because I'm not clicking on the document's minimize button. But somehow with the tablet I'm causing the document to be minimized.

The problem is: I can't figure out how to unminimize the document from within Essentials or Painter 12. If I click on the Window menu and choose the name of the document at the bottom, nothing happens. I expected the document to be unminimized.

So the only way I've been able to unminimize the document is to go to the Finder and double-click the application icon.  But there's got to be an easier way.


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