hope i am psting this in the right spot.  this is my first time  in the discussion area.


perhaps we could add our first name in the subject  space... in with the title...

 i often open something i've already respoded to a few days before.

 it might help us to remember if we have title and artist visible.....i believe it would help me...thanks

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  •  well you said it way better than i  did mike...that's exctly what i meant....i do think its a great suggetion ( the way you state it)  plus the art work 'should be'  identified with it's artist...(.that's just right )  also it's better organizatin for visitors to the site.

    i am not going to'try' to transfer  it to  the corrrect place.... .... i felt bad that it was in the wrong place...

    thanks for your help mike.

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