hope i am psting this in the right spot.  this is my first time  in the discussion area.


perhaps we could add our first name in the subject  space... in with the title...

 i often open something i've already respoded to a few days before.

 it might help us to remember if we have title and artist visible.....i believe it would help me...thanks

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  • Tolouse Leplotte said:
    but your idea is logical and makes sense Mike - I hope you do put it in the suggestion box, I tend to accept the status quo and generally just live with things as they are, but you are right this would work


    While I have been online since 1980 (that didn't come out right) and I have a LOT of experience on discussion forums including running them, I'm the newbie in *this* discussion forum.


    Isn't this the right place to post suggestions for the site?  It's in the Discussion area, but it's the "Suggestion Box" sub forum.  Is there a different place this suggestion should go?


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