hope i am psting this in the right spot.  this is my first time  in the discussion area.


perhaps we could add our first name in the subject  space... in with the title...

 i often open something i've already respoded to a few days before.

 it might help us to remember if we have title and artist visible.....i believe it would help me...thanks

  •  I would have thought this one should go into the suggestion box Mike - we can discuss almost anything in the discussion area, but if anybody comes up with an idea that Corel might want to adopt, or could be used in the future to improve our experience of the program, the suggestion box was put there for that very purpose.

  • That's what I was asking...this sub-forum is called "Suggestion Box", so isn't it in the right place?


    I noticed Painter Factory has the same problem of not listing the thread starter's name, so if any of you are on that site make my recommendation there too...maybe someone will take notice of it there and then it will filter down to here.

  • It looks like no one is listening here at Essentials Cafe (I posted an image over a week ago in the "Show Your Creations" forum, and it has yet to show up)...if anyone is on Painter Factory as well make the suggestion there, as the two sites appear to use the same forum software, and if they implement the idea there the idea may trickle down here.