Upgrade for Painter Essentials 4

 I clicked on "Upgrades"....wanting to see if there were any.

For the 'Windows version'?

The only 'upgrade' available.....is for a MAC (Leopard version).

Oh, great!.

"Painter Essentials 4" (for Windows).........is very temperamental, to say the least!

It (the software) is very particular!..........................in about how it is being used!

Get it wrong, and 'Error windows'.....pop up.


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  •  yes Jeffrey any tablet is fine - I am wondering whether part of your problem might be memory based,  providing you have at least two gigs of fast high quality ram, which is entry level these days, and a good graphics card, the only thing that might help is if you have set up a second hard drive as a scratch disc, this can even be an external hard drive, and in my case made an astonishing difference to brush rendering speeds. If you go to edit - preferences - memory and scratch - then set 80% to your second hard drive, it will give your brushes a turbo boost. If not back to the drawing board, and try the first options.

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