Upgrade for Painter Essentials 4

 I clicked on "Upgrades"....wanting to see if there were any.

For the 'Windows version'?

The only 'upgrade' available.....is for a MAC (Leopard version).

Oh, great!.

"Painter Essentials 4" (for Windows).........is very temperamental, to say the least!

It (the software) is very particular!..........................in about how it is being used!

Get it wrong, and 'Error windows'.....pop up.


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  •  G'day, Sam, nice to meet you.

    You have a Mac, and I have XP Pro.

    Is a bit of a difference there.

    Like you, I do aim to...just keep plodding on, too.

    I don't consider myself an 'expert', yet, in having PE4 ....for about a week.

    I think we all have problems...with PE4, it all comes down to........how we learn (and what we all may be doing differently as opposed to what the creator(s) of PE4 are capable of doing with it, collectively speaking).

    After all, Corel did create it. (And, they use 'secrets'...we don't/won't get to know about, ever.)

    We get only the 'basics'......of how to use it, have to struggle with it, from thereon in.

    I don't intend to give up on it.

    Can't afford to, really.

    In doing a Uni- Course, come November, Digital Art is bound to arise as a 'Subject'....in the Course, if I don't know what it (Digital Art) is...or how to do it, well, I will never get Top Grades....for not knowing anything, now will I?

    What's the 'tracker-ball'...like, to use one?

    Thought of...trying one out, myself, but, I'm so used to my cordless Laser Mouse (w/Tilt-wheel), evry time I have to a normal Mouse, I'm awkward like 'nobody's business'.

    But, in a week or 3, I will be getting a Graphics Tablet. (Touted as 'the Bee's knees'......when it comes to Digital Art, and PE4!)

    An 8 X 6 one, but, at a pinch, a 4x 6 one will do. (Will require just the 'Touch-area'........for all movement/strokes, anyway.)

    Used to sketch, when a kid, but that was over 30 years agowhen I last used a pencil.

    Took up a pencil again, (found I still had the 'knack/gift') only about 2-3 weeks ago, and painted (for the very first time)....at the same time.

    So,yeah, I am a real novice, in that regard.  

    Everything is ;new' again, everything is a 'learning-curve'....for me.

    Except, this time around, I have a computer...to assist me. Which I never had before.

    Anything/everything that trips me up, now, I just look it up..on the computer, and away I go.

    Images galore, Art Lessons, Videos (especially these.......as 'seeing' is really 'believing'!, in how things are sketched/painted), you name it.

    All can be collected, if the computer has a very large capacity (hard-drive)...to do so.

    A printer is also very handy, too. To print out 'reference-shots'....for close-up work (finer detail).

    A Digital-camera (I have one).......to make your own photos with, and your own paintings from.

    What could be any better, than that (with PE4 included')?

    I have a 'self-contained' unit........with 8 bare walls. (Perfect, for me to hang a Collection...of my own Paintings, right?)

    Have painted just a few, so far, but, what I have and what my friends have seen/said of them, have encouraged me to continue. (The reason...behind the forrthcoming Uni- Course.) 

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