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I started with Painter many years ago with Painters 2,3,4 and 7.  Though I use Painter 7 a lot, I still used Painter 3 on my MAC, BECAUSE it had a cut and paste program that did straight lines.  All I've been able to do with the more recent programs is LASSO, which doesn't have that feature. 

Well, I had to upgrade the OS on the Mac and have lost the capability of using Painter 3.  I bought ESSENTIALS because I could at least still bring up my old files and pictures that I had painted.  Maybe I have missing something , maybe there is a feature that does cut and paste with straight lines but I'm not smart enough to find it.


I am thankful that you started the Essentials Cafe.  Now I can talk with someone smarter than me.

Hank Langeman

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  • Hank

    I am not entirely clear on what you mean by "cut and paste with straight lines", but could you be referring to something like a Polygonal selection tool? Eg: you click and click again and a straight line is created between the points where you have clicked. So it's like a Lasso, but a Lasso does a "Freehand" selection whereas the Polygonal Selection has a series of straight-edges drawn in between the points where you have clicked.

    If this is what you are looking for, then no, Painter Essentials 4 does not have a Polygonal Selection Tool, but Painter 11 does.

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