Finding new posts

 Hi Corel Team and thanks for your work and effort in keeping this site up and running.

I was wondering if it would be possible to have a link that would open all new posts since last logging in as they seem to do in many other forums?

My email box gets a bit clogged up sometimes when the forum is busy and it is time consuming checking out each post on each board to see what's new.

I know the front page gives the latest posts but many have dropped off the page when the site is busy.

Can this be done or am I asking too much?

Thanks guys and gals .... regards ... squirrel (sheila)


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  • By default when you go to the "Posts you have not read" I believe that the default in that dropdown is set to 2 months, when you change it to "New since last visit" does the number of posts listed decrease?

    Can other people reading this thread give it a try and see if the filter is working properly for them? It seems to be workign for me, but not SparkyD...

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