Can we have a new board please

 Hi Corel team it's me banging on your door again .... LOL

Would it be possible to have a discussion board that is solely for images created using Essentials only with no preparation or special effects done in any other programme?

Pure Painter Essentials from start to finish?

I think this would be of great help to show the sheer creative power of this super programme.

thanks again ... sheila (aka - squirrel)

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  • I second that emotion, Claudia. Sure, you can slap together an autopainting. But what if you carefully select and maybe crop a source photo and then choose just the right combination of options for your autopainting? It takes an artistic eye to make those judgments.

    I've seen a lot of paintings here by self-professed non-artists that sure look like art to me. And lately I've been perusing magazines such as American Artist and, while most of what I see there is fabulous, I also look at a lot of professional (and highly regarded) work and think "Heck, I've seen better at the Essentials Cafe!"

    I've only dabbled in the freehand side of PE so far, because the auto- and semi-autopainting possibilities seem endless, and I'm having so much fun. (I know, I have yet to post a painting, but I will!)

    My primary reason for wanting separate forums/galleries is so that I don't have to keep asking if something is autopainted or freehand, or if it is "pure Essentials" or "Essentials plus" other software. I could waste a lot of time trying to replicate a technique using the wrong tools!

    I hope folks don't see the Cafe as a talent competition. We're not here to judge each other, but rather to learn, teach, encourage, and inspire. Paint on!


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