Can we have a new board please

 Hi Corel team it's me banging on your door again .... LOL

Would it be possible to have a discussion board that is solely for images created using Essentials only with no preparation or special effects done in any other programme?

Pure Painter Essentials from start to finish?

I think this would be of great help to show the sheer creative power of this super programme.

thanks again ... sheila (aka - squirrel)

  •  This was the jest of my question about what should be posted on the Cafe.  I think as someone gets into the art more they want to use more and better tools (the Essentials +).  Though I'm annoyed with PE4, it is because of the bugs and limits.  I nearly always have to use another program since I don't want just another "me too" look and this happens a fair amount though no two are just alike.  With PX it is less so but even there I use PSP X2 very often.  

    Where can you post work that uses 2 or 3 programs?  I don't think Corel will split up the board.  If anything I think they will just tell you to describe what you used.  I guess I don't understand what the problem is with that.  If you say you used PE4 only then what else is needed?  If you say it was PE4 and Photoshop then someone can try to duplicate it or not if there are further instructions.  It does open up the door.

  • Although only a recent member, I've read many past posts, and I definitely don't get any impression of snobbery from anybody here. I felt warmly welcomed from the first. It's a terrific group of helpful folks. And artists, every one.


  • I don't think anyone means a whole new board just a new section of this one. There are already different forums on this board I think that is what we are all talking about, like  there is Tips and Show your Work, General Discussion, etc.

  •  Here is an idea.  I usually tag my pictures with my ID so I can easily find them.  If you do a picture that is pure PE4 then just add the tag PE4.  Other tags can be used by seperating them with a comma.  Then someone can just click the PE4 tag in the Popular Tags window to see all the pictures made only using Essentials 4. 

    You all just have to use the same tag.   This allows you to use the same board while being able to sort out those that only used Essentials for the picture.  When PE5 comes out then use that as the tag.


  • That's a great idea, Artisan9! But how does one get the word out to everyone, including present and future newbies?

    You're right about the terminology, Claudia. I think I mixed up "forum" and "board", too.