Image Hose Butterflys upside down

Playing with the pens and Image Hoses, on the presets for the butterfly, the images come out upside down with the wings pointing down- no way to rotate or correct.  Seems to be an oversight when program was created, and I can't figure out a way to fix.

I use PSPX2, and it has a similiar feature called picture tubes, and the butterfly preset in that program puts the butterflys right side up.


So far all the other presets for the Image Hoses and Pattern Pens in PE4 seem to be ok.

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  • For me, the butterfiles follow the direction of the stroke, so if my stroke goes from the top of the canvas to the bottom: the wings point down; bottom to top: they point up, left to right: they point to the right etc.

    Does their direction also change for you?

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