I uninstalled because Painter Essentials 5 wasn't working properly and it won't download again

After uninstalling because the screen strokes were slower than my actual pen strokes and I didn't know how to fix it, I went back into Wacom.com/getting-started/intous and downloaded Painter Essentials 5 again and the icon is in my downloads but the bar doesn't move. I've tried two times and this third time it'll redirect me to cdn.wacom.com/s/wtc/ blablablabla and nothing happens. It just stays in that black page and doesn't even try to download the software. Please help ;-; Intuos Art

  • That is a Wacom problem for sure with the download.
    When you downloaded it the first time, it would be stored somewhere on your computer- if on Windows usually in the Downloads folder- find it and click to install again. When you uninstalled that didn't delete the original program file you downloaded, it only removed the installed program. Good luck.