Why does this program NEVER work to its full potential?

My issues with this program are many, but the most recent one I have encountered is that it will not open files. It doesn't give an error message, it doesn't do anything. I select the file to open, click, the program flashes once as if it is going to open the file, then nothing. I have tried multiple files, multiple times, I have restarted the application and the laptop and still nothing. This program has quite literally been a pain in my backside and a waste of money. I bought it to have the basics, because that is all I want right now from a program, and I didn't want to pay for the Adobe Illustrator subscription, but now I see I should have saved my money. In the beginning, the program constantly crashed itself and my laptop; I chalked this up to being an issue with my old laptop, which I replaced recently and then downloaded PE6 to it (I had been having issues prior to buying the program). Now the program doesn't open files at all.

So far my experience with this program has been nothing but a headache and I feel as though I completely wasted my money.

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