How do we upload "thumbnails"? Thank you.

It's been a number of years since I've uploaded to this site and things seem to have changed a bit.              Can someone tell me how to upload pictures? Are we limited just to uploading thumbnails?                    Also, I had a gallery once but when the original painter Essentials Cafe was moved, so was my gallery, but it was never restored.                                         Does anyone know if we are still allowed to create galleries? 

Thank you,


  • There must be no limitations, but I can not surely help you in this case. You may ask the support.

  • In the Show Your Essentials Creations, click + New in upper right corner, Form will pop up, type your Subject and then any comments in big box, then click Insert Image/Video File, then select  From Web url, or click the down arrow to select an image from your computer- File Upload.  Then you will get the default size box which you can change if you want.

    Image files work best if size is 512k or lower- you can use a jpeg optimizer to shrink larger files- Irfanview is free, or you can use Corel PSP.

    Galleries I don't know about.