Auto Paint Settings for Impressionist Painting

Hi, I have Essentials 6 and Painter 2018. I like using the Auto Paint in Essentials 6, but often the colors shift. I wanted to find out what specific settings I could use to match the pattern and look of that Auto Paint for Impressionist Painting in Painter 2018. I know it's the Impressionist Painter brush, but what is the spacing, squeeze, jitter, angle, expression, etc. Thank you.

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  • In Painter-

    Top right toolbar has icons to view various brush settings, Dab Options, Blending Panel, Advanced Brush Controls, also under Window tab Brush Control Panels default settings appear but you can modify how you like.

    After selecting the brush you want, click Clone Color on the Color Wheel to turn brush into a cloner for Auto Painting.

    Under Underpainting tab for Color Scheme select None- should minimize bleeding.

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