Corel Painter Essentials 5 windows wont show up

So roughly around December of 2017 i bought Essentials 5 and a Huion tablet and both worked fine. Christmas came and I got a new gaming computer from my parents, a Cyber Power PC with Windows 8 i think. however, it wasnt until about a year later I decided to use my tablet and art program on my new computer. at first, Essentials 5 worked fine, but when i installed my Huion Tablet the windows(toolbox, color wheel, and brushes) would not show up no matter what i tried. i had lost my serial number so i couldnt redownload it that way. i still have the disk however, but for some reason, my computer does not have a disk drive. eventually i found the downloadable drivers online, i downloaded the latest one and it was working fine. Huion Tablet crapped out on me. so i bought a Wacom Intuos Tablet, tablet works great...except mt Essentials 5 isnt working again...same problem as before. so i thought ok ill just download the driver again to fix it. but now i cant find the listing for it and i keep getting directed to the newest Painter Essentials products i dont want. PLEASE, can someone help me fix the Essentials 5 i already have? my job doesnt give me enough hours to afford a new program, i want to get started on my art commissions as soon as possible.